Gypsyfingers – Eating Me

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 21.51.00Isn’t this rather chilling? I’ve been coming across more and more bands using some quality piano sounds recently and Gypsyfingers are no exception. I absolutely love the lyric ‘seeking a melody to put my mind at ease’, it stands out above the others as a real take-away line that’s worth dwelling on. Well, I thought so anyway.

There’s an intentional disjointed feeling to ‘Eating Me‘ which somehow manages to be unnerving and enticing at the same time – as if it’s making me a glutton for punishment. This isn’t torture by any means, in fact it’s a welcoming into a world where wizardry and mischief are all around and each step must be taken carefully as to avoid the potential horrors that lay in wait. Vocal phrases that can hypontise you are aplenty and an utterly bewitching guitar sound stalks you along the path, acting as a shining light for all that is good in this world of deepest, darkest secrets. As the final words are whispered you’re left feeling out of sorts due to the lack of an obvious conclusion yet it is the mysterious allure of the track which indeed makes it so craftily captivating.

Once you enter the world of Gypsyfingers you may never be able to leave. Keep an eye out over your shoulder, you never know who’s watching you.

Ciaran Steward

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