Lyon & Lowe – Reeks Of The Same

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 21.59.00It’s the cops! Cheese it! Oh, hang on. I’ve been duped by sound effects. Luckily I’m not a very fast runner, otherwise I’d have been long-gone before the key sounds to this track from Lyon & Lowe came into play. I’m glad I didn’t get too far away as I found myself easing off the pains of heartburn and a somewhat unhealthy lifestyle by sitting back in my chair and grooving along as if I’m Jim Royle after a few too many mince pies. Royle Family anyone?

There are some darn funky sounds littered throughout these 3 short minutes and, whilst there may not be an overwhelming amount of development, you’re able to indulge yourself in some ace textural choice just like Jim Royle eating mince… Oh, I’ve already done that one. Never mind. With synths put to good use accompanying intriguing vocals and a rhythm section taken straight from the heart of the jazz clubs. Well, maybe not straight from the jazz club – there are a couple of detours via Brooklyn and wherever Chad Smith hangs out.

This isn’t like anything I’ve reviewed before on WCT but I’m more than happy to a big thumbs up as I relax back into my armchair just like Jim Ro… DAMNIT!

Ciaran Steward

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