Blank Bibles – Bayou

1939426_927054757324622_6200652890861647584_nAnd once again the sounds of Blank Bibles grace these pages as I simply can’t get enough of their sound. This jaunty tune will light up the darkest winter eve and a distinctive vocal will ensure that it sticks in your head throughout the long December nights.

There’s a positive message to the lyrics that’ll help keep you as warm a if you’d spent an evening chugging away on mulled wine. This does feel like much more of a summer tune but in all honesty there’s not going to be a time of year when these sounds will fail to bring a smile to your face. On offer are a selection of flowing bassline which will make you unable to resist the urge to nod your head along, uncomplicated guitar riffs that’ll get a grin on your face and drumming that’ll keep your toes tapping. Every element to the sound has a genuine feel-good factor to it that doesn’t seem in the least bit forced, these lads don’t seem to have a bad bone in their bodies and their musical intentions seem surprisingly pure. Just like their exquisite harmonies.

No matter who you are or what you’re doing, take a few minutes out of your day to let the delightful tune fill your ears. You won’t regret it, honest.

Yes, I may be singing along as I write this. What of it? I’m cool…

Ciaran Steward

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