I Have Been Mostly Listening To #18

So thanks to my rapidly declining maths skills (I apparently can’t count to 3 any more) this playlist is both the second and final instalment of songs that have made the long-list for my top 8 picks of the year. I may have not been able to count how many weeks I had before needing to meet the Ransom Note deadline BUT I can tell you that this is a list of 8 absolutely brilliant tracks from 2014 that will bring a smile to your face.

The final 8 will be appearing on Monday(ish) over on Ransom Note with a few more words from me on each of them. For now though, enjoy these beauties (once again, the top pick from here is already a sure thing for my final picks!);

Let me know which your favourites are, I may still be swayed on my final picks…


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