I Have Been Mostly Listening To #19

Well oh well oh well… The playlist returns, some may say not a minute too soon. Yes, January has seen me begin to conquer my demons and get a regular schedule in place (please hold your gasps of shock) and there’s a good chance that you might even be getting a playlist once a week this year. Alright, you’re getting one today and next Friday, after that what happens is anyone’s guess. Today’s tracks are all songs you’ll see reviewed on these very pages at some point in the next few weeks. With a To-Do list consisting of 60-something reviews I’m shutting myself in for the weekend (cough, lies, cough) and thundering through with metaphors and the like. Anyway, I’ve rambled far too much. Here’s this week’s selection box;

And here’s the clincher;

Tasty as a chicken’s giblets.


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