j.s. – Secret Names

Screen shot 2015-02-19 at 16.16.09There’s something a tad enchanting about this track from j.s. that turns something that I usually wouldn’t give even a second listen to into something that has truly piqued my curiosity and hounded my thoughts over the past few weeks. So what is it that keeps me hooked? If I’m honest, I haven’t the foggiest idea…

Perhaps what interests me most is how there’s a wonderful spaciousness about the song from start to finish and it never tried to get to complicated or pretend to be anything that it isn’t, it’s simply a song that’s a joy to listen to and it reeks of character and desire as though it had just heard the final call at the Last Chance Saloon. You’ll never be at risk of your head being overwhelmed by sounds as they sit back, effortlessly going about their business in support a a lyricist who appears to have an incredibly tight connection to every phrase that departs his lips.

I just can’t quite seem to quit listening to this track, it’s as if I’m trapped under some kind of spell. Still, there are plenty of worse songs to be listening to on repeat. I can definitely live with this.

Ciaran Steward

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