Happyness – A Whole New Shape

Screen shot 2015-02-19 at 15.40.13Go out and buy this record. Seriously, don’t even bother reading my crap, just do whatever you can to make sure that within the next few minutes you’ve made sure that this tune from Happyness is yours to own in whatever form you like. No, this isn’t an advert, I’ve just found myself falling head over heels for these insane sounds as they flick on each and every switch in my brain so that I’m more aware of anything than I’ve ever been before.

Guitar music seems to be well and truly heading towards another peak in its history and these guys are definitely helping it once more reach that highest of heights with a selection of effects supporting a driving guitar and a vocal that seems somewhat surprisingly tender. I genuinely have a hell of a lot of faith in the music that this band are making and I will be making sure to fill my senses with as much of their sounds as physically possible. This is pure fucking gold.

Also, who needs more guitars when you’ve got a hurdy-gurdy? Kids, ask your nearest Victorian street merchant what that is.

Ciaran Steward

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