Quiet Quiet Band – Battery Human

Screen shot 2015-03-01 at 20.08.27Opening with some wonderful barbershop-esque sounds, this offering from Quiet Quiet Band is full of life and is sure to get positive vibes flowing through your body as the band approach each section of the song with a level of vim and vigour that truly has to be admired.

With lead vocals that seem completely in control as they rampage over the rest of the ably constructed aural landscape, it’s impossible to avoid the intentions of the band’s lead singer as he throws himself headfirst into each and every syllable. There are some lovely little bass licks on offer whilst the drums are a real force to be reckoned with as they provide a full-frontal attack on your ear-drums. Though there may be a little niggling in my ear that it sounds like it could have been considerably more effective as a song if it had been released a couple of years ago, there’s plenty of promise in these sounds and the musical know-how of this lot shines through with ease.

There’s a brilliant message powering through in these motivated lyrics and the general commitment to the cause from the band is something rather enticing indeed.

Ciaran Steward


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