The Acorn – Influence

Screen shot 2015-03-08 at 14.28.54Don’t be put off by the demo-esque intro to this little gem, there’s a whole lot more thought gone into these sounds from The Acorn than you might first think. ‘Influence‘ is a brooding, simmering stroke of genius that has the ability to infiltrate every cell in your body and reshape your mind’s view on the littlest of things in a way that you’d never think possible.

You’re teased along by the low-level approach of the music, there’s no need for any rash decisions here as each calculated sounds adds more to the song’s limitless mystique, creating a chasm of clear space in your subconscious that’ll allow you to see and, much more importantly, hear thing in a brand new light. The delightfully devilish touches of dis-harmony in the vocals are a sure-fire way to play tricks on your mind and make you pay significantly more attention as you aim to digest every last sound.

I think it’s probably best you get this one on repeat as it’ll take you hours, maybe even days, to wrap your head all the way around it. When the sheer genius of the song finally seeps through at full effect, you’ll know that your eyes have been truly opened.

Ciaran Steward

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