Friends Of John’s – Send Someone Else to Thank Them

fojSend Someone Else to Thank Them’ is a pretty hefty title to run with yet it’s a cracking little sentiment that, intentionally or not, seems somewhat representative of our social awkwardness/pass the blame culture. Of course, the finest opportunities in life only present themselves if you’re out there and being pro-active, just like Friends Of John’s have been in putting together an ace EP which opens with this memorable selection box of melodies.

It’s pretty simple really, not relying on any flashy gimmicks or virtuoso performances to help drive the point home – though there are some guitar riffs that you definitely need to keep a keen ear on, you’l probably not miss them as they stand out nicely in the excellently produced offering. Sure, it might not quite set your world alight but there’s very little that can beat a song that handles the twin barrels of time and temperance in such a manner as this.

Heading up an EP full of sounds to be enjoyed when you’re drifting away into the world of your headphones, I can’t wait to meet John. Judging by his friends, he’s a pretty cool guy.

Ciaran Steward

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