Zola Blood – Meridian

Zola Blood 511Aren’t Zola Blood brilliant? I mean, sure, they don’t run without shoes like the former athlete of the similar name but they make some pretty ace music, right? They’ve even roped in a swimmer for their latest video. Of course. Musically it sits just as well in that empty hole between my ears as a long overdue gift from The Wizard Of Oz would.

You might be questioning where you’ve heard some of the sounds before, there’s a worrying edge of Clean Bandit hat threatens to seep in but thankfully never does (meow…), but they’re working from their own minds and the result creates a truly enticing piece of music that manages to keep you relaxed but does enough to keep your ears on the edge of their seats. Everyone has ear-chairs, right? It’s not the most provocative sound in the world but, as it nestles pleasantly within pretty much everyone’s comfort zone, there’s a loving warmth to the track that embraces you as if it were the old hug from the Cup-A-Soup adds making a long overdue return.

Yes, I’m saying that this track is so delightful that’s it’s like a hug for your ears. Line-up now for free hugs, first come, first serve.

Ciaran Steward

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