Fella – Brenda

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 13.08.58Fella were one of the first bands that I reviewed when I set up WCT last year and their brand of hard-hitting ska has been a welcome presence in my life ever since. With this latest offering they’ve once more provided plenty of cracking lyrics, bouncing rhythms and melt-in-your-mouth guitar riffs to make sure that you’re left feeling completely satisfied.

Filled with basslines that flitter between the genres of ska and rock as seamlessly as the song itself, this track is so wonderfully full of that British musical gold that many find so elusive to capture. You’d never get music like this being made anywhere else in the world and, aside from poor old Brenda who gets a good questioning, you’d have to have hips of steel to not want to get up and get that booty shaking when this comes on. Yes, I used the word booty. I regret nothing.

With that delightfully gritty vocal that is what I’m looking for every time I hear music like this (not that there are many people out there doing anything as ace as this) and an off-beat hi-hat which is so perfectly placed, these lads have once more created an absolute corker.

Ciaran Steward

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