Sykes – Best Thing

Screen shot 2015-03-29 at 14.49.44After getting over my disappointment that the big drums at the beginning of this track weren’t being blasted out by the gorilla from the old chocolate adverts (believe me, it took some getting over) I was finally able to relax my shoulders and slip into this peach of a tune from Sykes as if it were a nice, warm bubble bath.

The sheer simplicity of the bass department which drives the track, along with the angelic-twinged vocals, means that from humble beginnings the band are able to put together a track that has all the elements of the perfect pop song. This is what pop music should be, not that other heavily manufactured kind. It’s filled with all the catchy melodies you could ever ask for, there’s a repetitive chorus that manages to avoid grating on you – even after several listens – and, more than anything else, the whole song just feels full of an uplifting positive energy that is so often missing.

There’s no need to rely on cheap tricks when you’re able to make the basic musical elements come together in the way that Sykes have here and I for one am hoping that music like this can once again infiltrate the wider public consciousness. It’s lush.

Ciaran Steward

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