Little Death Machine – Pale

Screen shot 2015-04-05 at 13.24.54As the darkness draws near and a sense of urgency fills your bones, Little Death Machine can be proud of a job well done as they create an unshakable feeling of tension and mystery that’ll no doubt be invading your dreams for the next few nights ahead.

The heavy pushing of the bass, combined with an industrial landscape on the same level as Sheffield, does ease off to become something a little less terrifying as the track progresses yet there’s never any doubt of the sound becoming too familiar as the London trio leave you no time to make assumptions, moving seamlessly onwards as if penetrating deeper into your brain as they attempt to take you over and control you like you’re merely Mr Punch in their dark games. The guitar provides a little light relief but on the whole the track is made brilliant by its reluctance to accept convention as it lurks in the shadows, keeping itself firmly placed in the corner of your eye so you’ll never forget it.

You might want to take a teddy bear to bed tonight. I know I do.

Ciaran Steward

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