Final Form – Everest

Screen shot 2015-04-05 at 13.31.42Despite the opening sounding as though they’ve neglected to set their phone settings to silent (rude!), there’s plenty to enjoy about this new track from London-based Final Form.

It’s a pop song at heart with that little bit more added determination and musical ability that can make all the difference when you’re considering if you’ll be brave enough to admit to your mates that you like it. Leading the line are some very impressive vocal stylings that wouldn’t have seemed out of place in a new romantic outfit, though they’re so well suited to this brand of indie pop that you’d have to be a fool to mess with such a winning formula. The harmonies are reminiscent of Slow Club yet there’s a little added bite to the track, provided by the excellent rhythm section which drive everything through with an extra push that means that the guitars are able to float above like a cloud without ever feeling too far from the ground.

Sure, there’s a limit to what you can achieve with so many pop music hallmarks but Final Form are definitely knocking at the door of becoming so much more. Are you going to let them in?

Ciaran Steward

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