Screen shot 2015-04-05 at 13.39.37Now, I’m not sure if they just had caps lock stuck on but the music from ESTRONS has a similar effect to that of their upper-case name – it stands out and struts boldly through your ears with all the confidence of a Morrissey/Kim Kardashian lovechild.

Just let that horrible image sink in.

Unlike the aforementioned hypothetical being there’s actually an awful lot to like about this tune as the band pace themselves through the verses, hitting each chorus with an intense crescendo that has all the force of the Riot Grrl movement whilst still delivered with an intriguing semi-casual style of vocals that hints of potentially more ear-startling sounds to come. Each chorus sees the full band rampaging away like a runaway Eddie Stobart lorry and the guitars in particular seem to reach Lewis Hamilton-esque speeds. These hard-hitting choruses work brilliantly in contrast with the laid back verses, the alternating sections each managing to get the rhythm flowing through you in their very different ways.

Whilst there’s a definite ability within the band to go hard and fast their awareness of the beauty of change shines throughout this track and their composure is certainly to be admired.

Ciaran Steward

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