Black Honey – Spinning Wheel

Screen shot 2015-04-10 at 10.05.46With a Nancy Sinatra-esque opening, there’s an awful lot more to this latest offering from the utterly irresistible Black Honey than first meets the eye. Once the track finally does burst into life, with a riff not entirely unlike that of Tarantino’s much-loves ‘Misirlou‘, there’s a hell of a lot to get excited about.

Keeping details about themselves held very close to their chests indeed, the sheer force of this beast combined with it’s quasi-psychedelic nature make it totally impossible to ignore and the lead vocals of Izzy Bee Phillips, quite possibly the most talented frontwoman I’ve ever had the good fortune to see perform live, It feels like your ears are hosting a high-octane car chase as the music comes at you hard and fast, this punk interpretation of good ol’ fashioned surf rock is incredibly infectious and each snare hit brings with it an added push to help get your heart pumping faster and faster until you feel like you’re going to explode. As the guitar whittles away and the bass acts as an aural battering ram, the vocals depart with one last flailing squeal to leave you anxiously craving more.

Get on the Black Honey bandwagon now, you won’t be sorry.

Ciaran Steward

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