Early Ghost – Devil’s Got Me Now

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 11.48.00As the opening groove gets you into a 70s mindset and you open yourself up to all the glorious sounds of the world at rest, Early Ghost are on hand to ease all your fears with a tune that has all the charm of Fleet Foxes yet with an added layer of class and appreciation for musical heritage that shows these guys know exactly what they’re doing.

The laid back style of the track lends itself perfectly to the beautiful harmonies that lead the line and the structure of peaks and troughs, with added sound effects for good measure, results in a track that’ll have you harking back to a simpler time – one that many of us have only ever heard about and dreamed of. It’s unashamed of its psychedelic roots and yet there’s a tendency to tread into the territory of prog with a charming saxophone solo and a free-roaminf bass at hand to make sure you’re never entirely sure what’s coming next. Though the general feeling of the song may be impressive as a whole it’s the core vocal harmonies which make this song so effortlessly delectable.

Perfect music to accompany this upwards turn in the weather.

Ciaran Steward

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