And So I Watch You From Afar – Redesigned A Million Times

Screen shot 2015-04-21 at 09.00.26Opening with guitars that sound like off-cuts from Pete Townshend’s first draft of Tommy, this new beauty from And So I Watch You From Afar turns into an indie-rock tune that’s sure to get your feet shuffling and your head swaying to and fro.

The mastery of the track lies within the twin guitars that feel like a revamped Thin Lizzy in the way that they’re so darn close together. A balance between lighter sounds and hard-as-can-be Biffy Clyro-esque charisma, making each hit seem like it has rampaged down a hill in an attempt to enter your ears with as much pressure on the throttle as possible. If you pay attention to the smaller details hidden away within the song you can appreciate that the band are able to take a measured approach to this heavenly chaos, showing that they’re comfortable both in the driving seat and sprawled across the back seat letting someone else take the reigns – they’ve got just about everything going for them.

[Insert additional band name that I can reference to show that I’ve heard music before] This is class – more of the same please.

Ciaran Steward

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