Rormix Picks

Rormix Picks #37

There are some people in this world that aren’t very nice. And then there’s Nicole from Rormix who provides you with this selection of top sounds every week – saving me a job and saving you from reading me rambling on for so long. You should go download the app just for her at least, go on, be a good person. Anyway, she’s once more picked another great selection of music videos for you to wrap your eyes and ears around by simply clicking on the images below. Enjoy…

Frankie Rose – Know Me

Frankie Rose is a Brooklyn based singer, songwriter and all round musician with an impressive portfolio. Frankie was know for being one of the most charismatic members of Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts. “Know Me” is the first single released from “Interstellar” and we’re loving its glimmers of synth pop and catchy opening drum beats. As for the rest of the album – it’s a great listen, diving into the world of 80′s new wave and shimmering synth pop.

frankie rose


Flyying Colours – WavyGravy

Flyying Colours come to us from Melbourne, Australia. The band is made up of brothers Sam and Josh Dawes and Brodie J Brummer on vocals. Considering they only joined together in 2011 they’ve come a long way and had a very hectic touring and recording schedule.

flyying colours


Motopony – Get Down (Come Up)

Throughout history, individuals have been playing with the delicate balance between polarities. Often, the combination of two opposites makes for a harmony previously unknown, a sum greater than its parts. Motopony is the embodiment of this notion – a band built on a bedrock of contrasts and the gorgeous alchemy of seemingly conflicted sounds, and the feelings mapped over them.



The Baby Jaynes – Waiting

The Baby Jaynes are Harry, Joe and Adam, delivering their own brand of pop by blending catchy tunes and tight, up-lifting harmonies. After meeting at university in York, The Baby Jaynes (previously known as JamJar) started busking and gigging and soon crossed paths with pop legend Pete Waterman, who was instantly hooked to their acoustic blend of tight harmonies and uplifting melodies with a distinctive twist.

the baby jaynes


MKKY – Too Far Away

MKKY is a big-room house project based out of Hartford, CT. With shuffling tracks nodding towards a mature atmospheric sound & unique approaches to soulful, hard edged productions, this indie pop newcomer presents a fresh sound to the scene.





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