October Drift – You Are, You Are

Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 08.36.10It sounds as though the heavy guitar rock of the 90s and the synths of the 80s have got together and decided to form a union, though after the opening phrases you’ll discover that October Drift have opted to join forces with the powerful guitars which leaves the synth relegated to a single melody line.

Still, it’s a pretty suave synth.

Filled with all the angst and brute force that has made guitar music such a staple of our musical diet across the last 50 years or so, the band go at this tune all guns blazing – guitars and drums fire at you from all around as if you’re caught in the heat of a great battle. And yet the vocals feel somewhat reserved, letting you know that the band are comfortably in control of their actions and may indeed be the true lords of their domain. A particular highlight is the bass riff throughout the verses, it’s well worth keeping an ear out for the pattern that makes it such a desirable sound.

This latest offering is sure to blow you away, you might as well just surrender to the music.

Ciaran Steward 

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