Those Goddamn Hippies – Coming Up

Screen shot 2015-03-24 at 18.53.28Once more the sounds of Those Goddamn Hippies has entered my ears and I’m left utterly mesmerised and speechless as they transform reality into some form of mystical dream in a matter of seconds.

The beautiful softness of the sound is joined by the Elbow-esque vocal as the road that lays ahead of you twists and turns, making it impossible to work out which direction you should be heading in or if you should even be moving at all. In fact, it makes sense to remain just where you are as these sounds envelope you from all corners of this new, confusing world. You can take refuge in the fact that you’re at least being conquered by such aural delights as these that’ll warm your heart as they strip away your flesh. Once you remain still, fragile and nothing but a sentient field of atoms spreading out across a winter’s sky, you might just start to see things from a brand new point of view and the world could begin to make sense in a whole new way.

And it’s all thanks to the effortlessly brilliant Those Goddamn Hippies.

Ciaran Steward

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