The Vultures – Weakest Storm

Screen shot 2015-04-24 at 15.29.53Oh well isn’t this ominous? It feels as though I’m stood in the middle of an empty green field, awaiting the approach of an oncoming army that I’ve been able to hear from miles away – they must be at least 10,000 strong, all on horseback. As the tension builds, surrounding what is sure to be my impending doom, it’s almost as if I can hear violins playing out my final moments as if this were some kind of television drama. The army approaches from the East, or West – geography never was my strong point.

As the first visuals of this blood-thirsty bunch appear over the horizons all my worries flee within an instant, turns out The Vultures are just blasting out their latest tune from the back of their car and the sheer brute force of the bass and drums made for a much more terrifying prospect compared to my mind’s vivid imagination. In actual fact, I’m quite enjoying the sounds now as the somewhat monotonous style of the track become all the more alluring, courtesy of a deadpan vocal and hints of character that may not be instantly apparent.

Though you might be filled with dread at first, the bark of The Vultures is much worse than their bite – turns out they’re just a bunch of talented musicians. Who knew?

Ciaran Steward

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