Happy Hollows – Astrid

Screen shot 2015-04-24 at 17.04.41You’ll never quite be able to get a grip on what exactly is going on in these latest sounds from Happy Hollows, though you can be sure that there aren’t many artists out there making 80s inspired music of such a high calibre as the LA based outfit. If it weren’t for the sparklingly clean production you might even be tempted to think that you’d accidentally fallen through a time vortex, though fortunately I hear shoulder pads are no longer in style.

As the synths fly around your head like a fly who’s pretty keen on your aftershave it becomes easy to find yourself becoming ever-so-slightly detached from reality. The lead vocals are irresistable, few manage to master the art of delivery quite as well as this, yet they don’t stand out as a strikingly brilliant feature. Why? Because every single sound that makes up the song is more on point than you could even begin to imagine. It’s a truly flawless slice of indie pop.

I imagine that they’d make for incredible live viewing, make sure you catch them when they hit the UK from the end of May onwards.

Ciaran Steward

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