JOLTA – One Apple Tree

Screen shot 2015-02-22 at 14.41.52With all the rip-roaring ferocity that I’ve come to expect from the excellent JOLTA, this latest offering sees them hark back to rock greats of years gone by as they combine their powerful sounds with a selection of expertly crafted vocal riffs to create something of a rock anthem.

The balance between vocals and guitar is struck perfectly, both are allowed time to shine with their own starring melodies yet there’s never any risk of the two competing as they alternate between themselves to be the leading focal point of the tune. There aren’t many lead vocalists capable of summoning up half as much energy as this and you’ll find yourself being captivated by every last word, as long as you’re not too busy gawking with your mouth wide open at how impressive the band truly are. They’re firing on all cylinders and the mastery of all four musicians will have you wondering just where all this phenomenal musical ability has come from.

Putting plenty of life back into a familiar old style, JOLTA are well worth getting excited about.

Ciaran Steward

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