Axel Flovent – Dancers

Screen shot 2015-05-13 at 08.49.21In case you need a calming influence upon your day, Axel Flovent is here to help the tears flow and your mind clear of all the worries of the daily grind. Your pulse will slow and your heart will grow with hope as the Icelandic musical master carries you away on a stream of beautiful sounds.

With tender touches on the piano and softly strummed acoustic guitars accompanying him, Flovent’s voice hits the front of your mind and the heart of your soul within an instant – the genuine, honest character that calls these words out to your ears could be doing something as simple as reading a shopping list but you’d still find yourself batting your eyelids, asking him to continue until the end of time. Every now and again you just need to listen to something that’ll give you peace of mind and this is the perfect song for such an occasion. This is the music that angels would listen to.

I’ve not come across something able to capture as much of Neil Young’s spirit as this in a very long time indeed.

Ciaran Steward

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