Lunacre – Engine

Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 08.41.56Prepare for your world to be turned upside-down as these sounds from Lunacre mess with your mind in ways that don’t seem like they should be possible before we’re all living in a colony of Mars.

The wonderful use of the aural spectrum is set out to disorientate you and yet what feels most peculiar is the seemingly normal voice that runs through the centre of the track. Somehow the finished track manages to represent the vast depths of space while holding onto the tail of old school funk to help make your ears believe they’re listening to something rather familiar indeed. But this is no ordinary piece of music, this is pure adventure. In a little under six minutes your mind will be changed repeatedly as your aural host plays tricks on you and spins your head in so many directions that you’ll find yourself truly under his spell, happy to accept that you’ve never heard music quite as good as this before and you’re unlikely to ever come across it again.

This is a pure work of art, be sure to indulge yourself in this mesmerising beauty.

Ciaran Steward

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