Du Blonde – Hunter

bjhThe opening riffs of Du Blonde‘s latest aural offering sound like they could be an off-cut from Pink Floyd’s epic album The Wall yet the direction she takes the sound is in intriguingly full of soul and the ability of her voice to carry a tune quite so well make for an enjoyable musical journey like no other.

While retaining a certain level of mystery it feels a little like something is being held back, though there’s no arguing that Beth Jeans Houghton has anything other than a grand depth to her stunning vocals – I imagine that the live performance of this track would blow any audience away more than any hurricane ever could. Houghton’s voice is certainly full of character and as her talents flourish above this mellow bed of soulful music it feels as though you could be listening to one of the great vocal giants from years gone by. The stories that are spun through your ears sound familiar but there’s something fresh about the way this track is handled that makes it simply stand out from the crowd.

What a wonderful re-invention this has been.

Ciaran Steward

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