Common Tongues – New Moon

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 14.40.37Acoustic guitars have always made me feel a little hesitant, there’s seemingly only a certain amount you can do with them – unless you’re one of these virtuoso types who has more skill than Pele. However, The opening bars of this beauty from Common Tongues may wrong foot you as you mistake the acoustic introduction for something a little more ordinary.

Ordinary this is not.

There are hints of your run-of-the-mill Mumford-esque sounds yet they get buried by wave after wave of sheer musical brilliance as the fully-formed offering penetrates each and every pore within your ear, guiding itself to the core of your brain like a laser-guided missile on a mission to deliver happiness to the deepest, darkest elements of your soul. It’s impossible not to become enraptured by the commanding voice that leads this force of indie/alternative/whatever the kids are calling it style excellence – your would being will surely get caught up in the powers hidden within the depths of this aural perfectionist’s dream.

Something here has just really clicked for me and I can’t quite explain what it is. What I do know is that you should have already stopped reading this nonsense and delved straight into the video below. Thank me later.

Ciaran Steward

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