Phobophobes – Advertise Your Life

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 14.50.49I do love a bit of Saaaaaaaf Laaaaandaaaaaaaaaan. Sorry, as someone from the glorious county of Essex I probably shouldn’t start getting into accent humour. Moving on not quite swiftly enough, this belter from RIP Records signees Phobophobes is sure to get your bones a-quaking and your head a-bobbing as they bring the dark side of music through the void into reality, bursting onto the scene like a bunch of wet gremlins.

Haunting sounds of spaghetti-western guitars are eclipsed by a keyboard organ sound that could easily match The Doors of Focus for curiously tempting organ goodness. This bunch have got BIG sounds behind them, make sure you whack the ol’ stereo up to full so that the old dear at the end of the street can get off her rocker. Thundering basslines power through the centre as chaos ensues all around, there’s no need for organised any more and it would appear as though martial law has been called by those in control – this might well be the beginning of the end.

Pure meaty goodness, you can’t get this in Tesco.

Ciaran Steward

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