Josh Flowers & The Wild – Jacques Cousteau

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 14.59.47As we travel into the depths of the ocean, accompanied by the finest diver there is (and whose good name I’m about to besmirch with my gubbins), the pulsing sensation of the water bubbles rippling past your ears is provided by Josh Flowers & The Wild with their slow-burning track that manages to keep aflame no matter how entrenched in water we become.

The London-based four-piece are the perfect companions for this adventure as they not the kind of folks that’ll get angsty after a long journey – in fact they simply seem to have whacked out the harmonica to help the hours pass by with some melodic accompaniment. As we lurk in the murky depths, in search of some unknown treasures, the group crowd around and pull together to reveal that there’s nothing outside of our brightly-coloured submarine except for a selection of wrecked drum kits and televisions that seem to have been waiting for our visit for a good fifty years. Still, at least the soundtrack to this adventure has lived up to the hype.

Perhaps the treasure we were sinking was simply the journey after all. Actually, that’s too cheesy even by my standards. I’m so incredibly not sorry.

Ciaran Steward

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