Coracle – Your Own Way Home

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 15.37.42An old favourite returns to the hallowed archives of WCT as Coracle, one of the few electronic music-makers to pass my rigorous tests of stubbornness, puts out another tune that’ll simply make you wonder why we’re not investing all our money in making music that’ll soothe the soul and carry us away from the sorrows of the real world.

Roping in vocalist Jen Armstrong to provide a welcome added character to the piece, the resident electronic genius seems to have captured the spirit of 90s ambient sounds before subverting them in a way that results in music that quite simply is a world away from anything I’ve heard in a very long time indeed. Whether this is quite the music you’d expect to hear in pretty much any context is unclear, it does seem a little bit caught between worlds, yet if you don’t at least take the plunge into the adventure then you’ll find yourself missing out on a journey that takes you down twisting, turning paths in search of what you truly seek.

After all, we’ll all find our own way eventually.

Ciaran Steward

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