Willie J Healey – HD Malibu

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 15.55.30Having recently spent several hours indulging myself in Mac DeMarco and Courtney Barnett now seems like the best time to dive headfirst into the sounds of Willie J Healey as his craft for lyrics and deadpan delivery can easily match those who are gaining great success from a similar approach.

Don’t be worried about the downbeat spin that this slow-as-a-tortoise track might have on your day, embrace the change of pace and rock on like an old hippie who is still trying to get Janis Joplin to give him a hug. I’m not going to break the bad news to him, are you? There’s something so devastatingly irresistible about this tune and the mellow nature sucks you in just like that mate who is always saying ‘just one more pint…’ I’d quite happily trust Mr Healey to guide me home on a drunken stumble as his debonair approach seems to suggest a confidence that doesn’t need any acceptance, he’s more than happy enough to keep moving on his ‘merry’ way and head into the deep, dark yonder.

There’s something so brilliant about this that it seems to have flown right past my head and smashed the window of a Ford Fiesta. Never mind.

Ciaran Steward

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