Disraeli Gears – Cuckoo

Screen shot 2015-05-20 at 08.58.25With their previous track ‘Born and Bred‘ going down as easily as a perfect tiramisu, Disraeli Gears return with a song that is filled to the brim with some of the musical elements that dreams are made of.

The exquisitely delivered repetition of the title is an absolute highlight, matched by the strong yet restrained bass, the mood-changing drums and the out-of-this-world guitars that judge every effects change so well that you’ll become lost in the brilliance. Trust me, it’s not a bad place to get lost.

This well-tempered piece of music could go on for hours and not even come close to tiring your brain, unfortunately you’ll have to settle for a little over three minutes at a time between pressing that play button yet again.

As you get swept up by the sandstorm that erupts as the track threatens to set all of hell loose, the band will rapidly bring you back down to earth with another section of mellowed musical gold.

There’s no escaping it, this song is a sheer masterpiece.

Ciaran Steward

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