Pleasure Beach – Go

Screen shot 2015-05-31 at 15.22.10For some strange reason I’m finding myself being drawn towards more pop-based sounds lately, something that a younger me would probably be pulling his hair out over. However, when there are people like Pleasure Beach putting together corkers like this there’s no other option but to get your dancing shoes on and get into the upbeat sounds like there’s no tomorrow.

After all, good music is good music. Right?

The Belfast pop tartlets have unleashed a corker into the aural world as they add a little more atmosphere to a very Bastille influenced sound, resulting in a gem that could have been released any time in the last 30 or so years and still been sweet music to the ears of any open-minded pop fiend. As the underlying pulse provides a sense of urgency, those at the more melodic end of things are left to roam free and their imagination seems endless as all manner of melodies, harmonies and textural choices reverberate around inside your mind as if you’ve stumbled into a free-for-all jamboree.

This one is sure to please you, even if you’re a grumpy bastard.

Ciaran Steward

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