Sundara Karma – Flame

Screen shot 2015-06-05 at 17.06.52What a lovely family portrait this is. I mean, they’re anything but your everyday ‘nuclear family’ but in these crazy days of (almost) anything goes, who is? Where am I going with this? Oh, right. Aside from having a name that’s rather fun to say out loud, Sundara Karma come together as an incredibly tight family unit to produce a fine slice of indie that’ll keep you going until dinner is ready.

With an irresistible voice at the helm, the Reading foursome have unleashed the cork on what appears to be a barrel stocked with indie sounds that’ll have you walking around in a daze for the next few weeks. As you roam the streets with these intoxicating sounds resonating within your ears it’ll become easy to get completely lost as the instantly infectious guitar riffs combine with a rigidly firm rhythm section to create a comfortable nest for a wonderfully distinctive lead vocal to rest upon and belt out the band’s exciting new manifesto. There’s no way of resisting it, this track is going to take over your world until you don’t know exactly where you are any more.

Hang on, this isn’t my house…

Ciaran Steward

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