You Are Number Six – Lensflares

Screen shot 2015-06-19 at 20.09.41There are certain names that, when they pop up in one of the many inboxes I use to keep you all guessing, bring a smile to my face before I’ve even bothered to listen to what they’re sending. One of these lovely people is You Are Number Six, aka a bloke called Théo who makes some high quality music that I’d love to blare from the rooftops if I had the capability/balls.

This latest offering takes me back to the ’80s, I time in which I didn’t exist yet it still feels as though I’ve missed the fashion curve 30 years later. As melodies sparkle between your ears, the semi-monotone vocals have hints of The National gracing their words and the way that the end of each vocal line lingers to leave you begging for more. Each time the music builds up it feels like you’re dreaming atop a hillside made from sine waves and that the only real solution to being truly happy in this life is to replace everything we see with what we want to hear.

I don’t know how you’d go about such an operation but it would be pretty stellar, I reckon these particular sounds would look stunning.

Ciaran Steward

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