Boy Scout – Bitter Blue

Screen shot 2015-06-24 at 09.35.41Every now and again we all just need to take our foot off the accelerator, lean back and cruise our way down the aural highway, letting chilled out sounds take the wheel as we venture on through our daily cacophony of noise in search of a moment of sweet respite. This chance for a breather is given to us by London duo Boy Scout as they put your mind at ease with this aural affair that’ll make you feel more refreshed than hours on end of yoga ever could.

The ways in which they manipulate the aural arena at their disposal is truly astounding, though there may not ever feel like too much is going on you’ll still feel your ears being packed with more sonic delights than you could ever have imagined. There’s no need to bother with reality any more if you’re able to spend all day long indulging yourself in such beautiful audio portraits as these, once you get your first taste of this world you’ll never want to step away.

Sometimes we all just need to chill out and appreciate what we have, these are the perfect sounds for such an appealing occasion.

Ciaran Steward

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