Amber Leaves – Heaven

Screen shot 2015-06-25 at 09.20.09It feels as though summer has well and truly settled in and, like any good new flatmate, is beginning to make itself feel like a part of the furniture. All the aural offerings that have graced my ears in recent weeks seem to have an added spring in their step and this corker from Amber Leaves is no exception.

This track a particularly hard-driven slice of what, at the core, is essentially somewhere in the rough region of indie pop – though it doesn’t particularly fit smoothly into either category. A lingering vocals sits atop swathes of top-notch guitar and bass riffs, the latter is particularly impressive, while the drums dictate the feel as though they’re conducting a 1,000 piece orchestra. There’s a genuine sense that these guys are on top at all times and, if they wanted to, they could easily capture you under their spell and force you to listen to them for so long that you realise it’s already dark outside. How did that happen?

Summer’s here and the time is right so… Well, you know how the song goes… Get dancing, people!

Ciaran Steward

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