Ideomotor – Amplified

Screen shot 2015-06-25 at 09.36.45The greatest ambition in life is to become immortal, and then die.” – Never have I decided that I was definitely going to review a song so quickly, when you’ve got such a killer quote like this up front it gets me all excited and tingly inside. The sounds that follow from Ideomotor are a swathe of glorious electronic mastery that combines the energy of We Are Scientists with the electronic beauty of some 1980s gold.

The irresistible hook is replaced by an enticing lead vocal which sits atop legions of electronic desires, not least a powerful pounding bass that’ll slowly drive your head to destruction. Each time the chorus hits it’s as if Gary Numan was back at his best and, though I may only have been born in 1992, this is the kind of thing that I imagine ’80s music would have grown into by now if it had been allowed to flower into its full form. You’re never entirely sure what’s going to come next and that curiosity will eat you up from the insides as you dig yourself deeper into this aural masterpiece.

Go on, immerse yourself in this electronic ocean. The waves are lovely.

Ciaran Steward

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