Streaming Lights – Box Room Boy

Screen shot 2015-07-05 at 20.55.20The funky guitars that welcome you into this track sound so soulful that you might be surprised to hear that Streaming Lights are actually from Hull. Not that there’s anything wrong with Hull of course, wasn’t it capital of culture at some point? But I digress.

I love the simplicity of this track and the way that the band are happy to strip things right down and build them up again is very pleasing to the ear – it allows you to bask in the sparse nature of the verses and, if the choruses had just a bit more of a push, the contrast between the two would work very nicely indeed. There’s a wee bit of work to be done for these guys to reach their potential, mostly they just need to fill their sounds with confidence as it all sounds a little too muted, but all the right musical ideas are there and if they’re happy to go in all guns blazing then this could be something very special.

With a bit of time and a few tweaks, these lads could be on to something marvellous.

Ciaran Steward

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