Josh Flowers & The Wild – Smoke In My Eyes

Screen shot 2015-07-05 at 16.47.46First off, I love that we get to hear Josh Flowers admit that this is the second take of the track – I mean, that’s assuming that this isn’t actually the 20th take and he’s trying to save his band’s blushes. Secondly, it’s rare that I’ll be so keen to cover two songs from an artist in such quick succession but this cracking follow-up to ‘Jacques Cousteau‘ is just too damn irresistible.

Why? Well, the fact that Mr Flowers has one hell of a voice and he manages to assemble his blues-infused band behind him to carry through all the force of a runaway train without ever feeling like you’ve strayed from the tracks for even the briefest of seconds. As you breathe in these sounds fill your lungs as well as your ears and it won’t be too long before they overwhelm you completely and begin to mould you in exactly the way they want you to be. There’s no stopping this absolute belter from destroying everything that once was you and building you back up again as a non-stop rock machine.

Worst things happen at sea, I suppose.

Ciaran Steward

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