Of Clocks and Clouds – What You Need

Screen shot 2015-08-13 at 08.44.20Snow is falling all around us… Oh hang on, it’s not that beloved Christmas classic. No, this is the latest corker from New Yorkers Of Clocks and Clouds who take their sweet time in getting to the heart of the track but the wait is most definitely worth it as the payoff is sweeter than any lemon bonbon I’ve ever eaten and, believe me, I’ve eaten a hell of a lot.

These sounds will give you exactly what you need, want and absolutely can’t live without as they squirm through your ears in such a delightful manner as to fill your entire body with joy. That’s much the same vibe as seems to be going on in the video (which you can watch below but there’s a pretty heavy adults only warning behind this one as it’s a bit rude!) and there’s a general aesthetic of overwhelming as many of the audience’s sense as possible as this song rattles around in their brains, picking and choosing which nerves to feast upon and infect with their musical goodness.

I’d never share this music with my family but I reckon you all should. It is an absolute blinder after all.

Ciaran Steward

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