United Ghosts – Out of Love (Black Windmill Dubmix)

Screen shot 2015-08-18 at 22.19.53Prepare yourself for a journey deep into the heart of the surreal as things get far too dubby for any one person to reasonable comprehend with Black Windmill’s unbelievably ace remix of United Ghosts. While all the standard dub hallmarks are easy to spot, the way in which these sounds take you on a trip that Mr Dali himself would have been proud of is truly something to be admired.

As you flitter between reality and this burgeoning psychedelic world there are plenty of decisions to be made, though most of the questions you may have can surely be answered by the statement ‘go into the ruddy dub world!’ Don’t be afraid of what might lie ahead in your path, cherish it and welcome it into your new life as this could be the start of a brand new chapter for you that’ll be sure to provide a hell of a lot more entertainment than the last ever could.

Why bother living in reality when you can sink so easily into these sounds as if they were a nice warm bath? There’s quite simply no other way to live.

Ciaran Steward

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