Zygmunt Day & Echo Pressure – Mr Sol

Screen shot 2015-08-18 at 22.25.08This latest track from Zygmunt Day & Echo Pressure is one of the most unashamedly British songs to ever hit my inbox and there’s very little wrong with that indeed. These are the sort of sounds that would struggle to translate to any audience other than those of us in Ol’ Blighty with our off-kilter approach to everything and that’s exactly what Mr Day and co. have done as they delve in the marvellous absurdity that is ‘Mr Sol‘.

While the lyrics tell tales that we’ve all seen flooding the screens of ITV and Channel 4 fans over the years, the music comes from a mixture of Madness with all that is good and proper in indie rock. No, I’m not just saying Madness because of the INSANE sax playing but because of the general feeling that the band are having a whale of a time as they play along and lose themselves in the music.

And why shouldn’t they? Maybe we should take a leaf out of Zygmunt Day & Echo Pressure‘s book and not take ourselves to seriously. Life’ll be far more fun.

Ciaran Steward

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