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Premiere: ESCAPISTS – What Are You Waiting For?

Screen shot 2015-08-21 at 15.23.29Get your ears right around this beauty from indie-mongers ESCAPISTS as they blast away at your ears with breakneck speed, showing no care for the art of the silence. And why the hell should they? When it sounds as good as this when you’re throwing all your goodies into the mix you’d be foolish to spend even the smallest fraction of a second not flying at full thrust into the wind.

With a selection of guitar-driven sounds that’ll feel right at home to any of you who had your teenage years in the mid-’00s, the distinctive voice at the helm is the guiding beacon that pushes your ear drums so far in that you’ll swear they were touching in the middle. Of course, this is utterly preposterous but if you too were foolish enough to not check the volume control before pressing play then it could quickly turn into a very real possibility. Still, it’s worth it to feel the full force of the band flowing through your brain as if it were that radioactive liquid they use in X-rays.

But, obviously, a hell of a lot more safe. And fun. And ruddy marvellous.

Ciaran Steward

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