Da7 feat. Annie Bea – Dopamine Fiend

Screen shot 2015-08-28 at 08.48.16Though I’m not entirely sure if I’ve wandered back into the ’50s, found myself caught up in a batch of ’90s remixes or stepped somewhat further forward in time but, regardless of which fictional timezone I’m in, there’s something infectious about the new sounds from Da7 that I can’t quite tear myself away from.

With the additional vocal talents of the delightful Annie Bea leading the way, these sounds are set up to test just how quickly your mind can react to the waves of culture clashes that engulf you every few seconds. There’s no fear of stripping it all back to the basics and, for me at least, one of the strongest sections of the whole track is when everything backs right off and it allows you to simply appreciate the general aura (whatever that is…) of the track. Though it would be foolish to advise someone to become an actual dopamine fiend, it does look like it’s a rather fun life and that maybe it’s worth trying out. You know, for science.

This isn’t your standard track and it’s well worth trying something new. You might just ruddy love it.

Ciaran Steward

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