Noah Simeon – Words

Screen shot 2015-09-02 at 08.15.02Though we may all have our hesitations, sometimes the very best thing we can do is let go of any preconceptions and open ourselves up to whatever possibilities may lie ahead. That’s exactly the approach that Los Angeles-based Noah Simeon takes with the wee corker that is ‘Words‘.

The effortless slow build combines with a selection of quasi-psychedelic guitars to form a sound that feels like it is beginning to bridge the much ignored gap between the worlds of dream-pop and bass heavy music. Fortunately, young Mr Simeon opts for a preference to the former and the latter merely acts as a tool for him to use to show a versatility that few would dare to muster. This is far from a finely polished record yet it is filled with enough ideas to keep the mind ticking over for days on end. There’s a wonderfully spiritual vibe about the whole thing that suggests a willingness to allow all sorts of sounds to collate within Noah’s head as he aims to form something that’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

He’s well on the way to doing something very special indeed.

Ciaran Steward

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