Astronauts, etc. – Shake It Loose

Screen shot 2015-09-03 at 07.49.07Oh sweet guitars, how you taunt my ears with melodies so sweet that they’re sure to give me a toothache. As your frequencies meld with a delightfully smooth vocal inside my mind I feel as though I should surrender myself entirely to Astronauts, etc. and let every decision in my life from now on be made for me by this bunch of blokes from the US. That’s probably not the wisest thing I’ve ever said.

Nevertheless, I would indeed feel very safe in the careful hands of this lot as they’ve so tenderly put together these beautiful sounds to form a sparkling aural treat that’ll soothe your whole body and get your head set in exactly the right place for all the challenges that face you. With some suave-as-you-like basslines filling in the gaps between keyboard sounds that just about border on the right side of cheesy, everything fits together as though it was made in a firm mould and baked to absolute perfection.

Chill yourself out better than any trip into the frozen section of your favourite supermarket ever could. I’ve never quite been one to grasp the concept of ‘cool’ but these guys sound like some of the very coolest cats around.

Ciaran Steward

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