Bad Sounds – Banger

As Screen shot 2015-09-07 at 09.01.27much as I wanted to avoid using the word ‘banger’ in this review (Alright, I actually really want to use it repeatedly) it does a pretty good job letting you know that you need to wrap your ears around this glorious slice of indie pop from Bad Sounds – a title that certainly doesn’t describe what is about to enter your head.

There are hints of AM apparent in the falsetto vocals while the general feeling is a bit more Bombay Bicycle Club oriented – everything feels so delightfully hopeful and fresh that you’ll be unable to resist getting those hips shaking, even if you’re sat in a rather rigid share. These are the sort of sounds that I’d hope to be soundtracking the film of my life as I do all the mundane things that everyone does like skipping down the street or filing my tax return. Alright, those aren’t exactly riveting ideas but you get the picture. From the sparkling vocals to the sturdy bass riffs and the funk-filled guitars, this is one of those songs that’s sure to provide you with one hell of a good time.

Go on, add that little spring into your step.

Ciaran Steward

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